(Digital) Photography

Film camera:

I started photography back in 1973 buying a Ricoh semi automatic 35mm camera, which had asemi automatic filmtransport using hand winder.
Lateron I bought a Practica Super TL reflex camera with a 1.8/50mm standard lens. I used this camera for approx. 15 years!
I bought a Panagor 2.8/135mm lens with a 2* teleconverter and lateron a 28mm wide angle.
When this camera failed I bought a second hand Fuji TTL body which allowed me to use all my lenses.
I did a lot of (black and white) darkroom work with my girlfriend (who is now still my wife Willemien) using a Meopta enlarger,
which I still have somewhere upstairs.
I have a Canon 750 with 35-105mm zoom lens since about 10 years and have used it a lot taking pictures of my children, holidays etc..

Digital work:
A year ago I started with digital photography using a HP 3300 USB interfaced flatbed scanner scanning my 10*15 cm (4"*6") prints.
Results are very good even at the default setting where this scanner does a preview scan at 150 dpi which means 600*900 pixels so
almost the full SVGA (1024*768) screen!
Remarkly this prescan can be used to save the scans directly to disc.
I haven't seen a scanner with this feature yet!

Half a year ago I was looking for a 35mm filmscanner to digitize all my negatives (black and white and color) which I saved carefully.
I saw a simple scanner Pacific Image 1800U( 35mm/strips, 1800dpi, USB) which according to the photoshop Combi at Veldhoven should give much better results than scanning pictures with my HP flatbedscanner.
I tried to use this scanner for approx . two months but could not get good results, and the Combi shop could not show how to do it well since they had no computer.
I managed to get the Pacific exchanged at Combi Melkens at Valkanswaard. I got back reasonable amount o money and bought a Minolta  Dual San D'Image II

Digital camera
See some sample pics of my Fuji 2400Zoom 6-18mm (ISO 100) camera.
picture 1    1/250 F3.4 10mm
picture 2    1/60   F3.4 11mm (flash!)
picture 3    1/180 F3.4   6mm
picture 4    1/180 F3.4   6mm